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Ajay Menendez

     With 30 years of in depth business IT experience, a Psychology degree, a decade of cybersecurity experience and half a decade of cybersecurity education experience, Ajay brings together multiple perspectives from across the cyber security industry; These allow him to see from the point of view of a director who understands the pain points of a business, an engineer who is challenged daily by the ever changing threats and attack vectors we face, and from his cyber security students who bring fresh perspective to the industry as a whole. 


Black Tower security values our employees, partners, and clients.

We believe that in business and especially in cyber security that cooperation and collaboration are the most important. We strive to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. We look to train up and grow our team from the inside up rather than fill open positions externally. Our employees, partners, and clients will always be valued, we will do everything in our power to make sure they are all taken care of.



We operate carefully and precisely to ensure that your data stays confidential. You will not be treated like just another number.



Our focus is on providing you the necessary risk and threat mitigation whilst delivering easy to follow consulting recommendations.



We take cyber security extremely seriously. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that we’re always developing new content to catch the latest attack strategies.

"Stay focused on your mission, remain steadfast in your pursuit of excellence, and always do the right thing."

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With extremely experienced SIEM engineers having worked on hundreds of SIEM environments, across all industries, we bring expertise that can only come from customizing, troubleshooting, and developing many unique SIEMs.

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Getting Started

Starting with a new MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) can be difficult at times. We take steps to ensure that you're always aware of where we are in the onboarding and development cycles. We take great care while collecting all of the necessary data to help set our partnership on the right track for the future.  Our processes are designed to smoothly develop and enhance your SIEM to meet your  needs.

get to know each other

We build a lasting partnership with our clients. We understand where you need the most help and utilize our resources to help you meet your goals.

understanding your Deployment

Starting from onboarding and developing throughout our collaboration with you, we learn and document the details that make your deployment and business unique. This helps us operate with a knowledge equal to that of your own team members.

determining your goals

Contributing with our expertise and experience, we can help guide you to best practice standards with clear and easily defined goals.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

The first step to stronger cybersecurity is just a click away.