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SIEM and XDR Support

We offer assisted and co-managed SIEM and XDR Support.

Assisted is aimed at augmenting your team with SIEM expertise without the need to pay a full time SIEM expert. Weekly health checks and quarterly reviews help keep you on track and following Best Practices.

 Co-managed gives you the full SIEM support experience including Zero-Day discovery prep, full log source review, collector tuning,  daily health checks, audit support and much more.

Threat Analysis

Detailed threat analysis can make all the difference in today’s cyber security landscape. Allow our experienced threat analysts to review your SIEM alarms and help your cyber security team triage alarms as they come in. Don’t wait until it’s too late to act.

Threat Hunting

SIEMs provide the ability to alarm on known attack vectors and common anomalous activity, but they are not perfect. Our threat hunters can investigate and review your logs for oddities that your alarms may have missed. This helps ensure parsing, log ingestion, and outlier activities are caught early and often.

SOAR Solutions

Security, orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) enables security teams to effectively collaborate, qualify, and manage incidents with improved quality and speed by prioritizing and standardizing incident response activities in the workflow.

Our SOAR solutions can reduce time to qualify and investigate threats, streamline workflows with standardized response processes, increase security analysts’ productivity, and reduce mean time to response.

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